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Plagiarism Is a Hard Word to Spell… I plagiarised myself

Posted in Uncategorized by Christopher Sarda on December 21, 2010

Today I came home from work, after drinking a bit too much the night before, hoping to immediately find my bed, after of course I browse the news and check my email. Within my gmail inbox I found a message I’d been waiting for, for a few days. It was the final score on my research paper, one that I had been getting decent marks on through the first and second draft phases. When I opened the email though I saw a big fat zero and message warning me about plagiarism.

My first thought was that I forgot to cite a source. Then I thought, “Why wasn’t that caught before?” and “How strict can you be!”. When I opened up the returned document, I found the offending portions of my paper in red, some sentences that I could say I was proud of writing and that anyone can read in the post before the one your reading now. Scrolling down under the “stole phrases” I saw the source I had supposedly stole stole from: http://www.fistonchin.wordpress.com. I emailed and called my instructor and am now waiting on a reply, but I figure I could just post to prove my ownership of my blog. So the following is to my professor:

Dr. Young, my name is Chris Sarda and apparently only instructors that paste pieces of their students work into google read this little blog about my political musings, with that said the writing is mine and hopefully you don’t hold it against me that you have a student that actually enjoys writing, even if nobody reads what he has to say.

Christopher Sarda


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