Who is Liberty?

Homeschooling and the Issue of Liberty

Posted in Uncategorized by Christopher Sarda on March 6, 2010

On this blogby Lingosteve, who normally writes about language started a rather heated conversation on homeschooling.

I haven’t any children and when I decide to, chances are that they will attend public school. With that said, I do think homeschooling is the best option for a child on all levels. It’ll make him smarter, most of the time it’ll make him more sociable, and will teach him how to think independently.

The reasons I probably won’t home school are two fold. My wife has the same unfounded prejudices that most people who don’t know what they’re talking about have, and my wife and I both have careers we want to pursue and therefore have no time to home school our future children.

But what’s the big deal anyway? Why are people so afraid of homeschooling, especially in this day and age where information is so easy to come by? Is it because some people have a preconceived view of what society should be and think that all children should be forced to conform to that narrow viewpoint? I hope not, ’cause that’s not liberty. Is it because a significant number of home schooled children are home schooled due to religious reasons that the education establishment disagrees with? Well, that wouldn’t be liberty either. Is it because the teacher’s union is horrendously strong and home schooling, a proven success, threatens their power and position? Yeah probably, and unfortunately that also isn’t liberty.

Studies have shown that home schooled children outperform public school children in almost every way. Very rare is the home schooled child that has problems dealing with society and other people, where in public schools there are whole groups of kids who feel like outsiders. Why people try to put down the idea so much and so often is beyond me, and the few who want to make it illegal are definitely not liberty….


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